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Through active partnerships with academic institutions on all continents, Coventry University
pursued joint research and teaching programs, student and staff mobility, collaborative
degrees, and progression pathway programs. This Transnational Education model allows
students worldwide to study a specific degree, course or module without leaving their home
country. This helps the students to develop a more significant international outlook and
capacity for internationalisation. It also provides graduates other benefits like increased
access to global opportunities and enhanced career prospects. Based on Coventry University's
academic partnership strategy and in response to the call, the School of Energy, Construction
and Environment, Coventry University (CU) is presenting the lead UK applicant for this call in
collaboration with the Centre of Mobility Research (CMOR) at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain
Shams University (ASU). The project consortium also includes Newcastle University (UNEW)
as an associated partner represented by the future mobility group at (UNEW). The proposed
project's activities aim to design a teaching and learning collaboration model for the
Transportation Safety and Security (S&S) module, which contributes to a master's level in the
UK and Egypt.
Moreover, it will establish a long-term collaboration between two UK universities and one from
Egypt. They will share knowledge and work together to strengthen their capabilities in
transport, in general, and transport safety and security. The Transnational Education (TNE)
grants serve as a tool for transformative educational and research capacity and collaborative
road and rail safety activities between the United Kingdom and Egypt. The proposed activities
will be delivered through a blend of digital and face-to-face teaching and learning activities,
and the project activities include the following:
• Joint curriculum development by developing the transport safety and security module
• Staff and student mobility by organising workshops in Egypt and the UK
• Information exchange and knowledge transfer through webinars and open dialogues,
including stakeholders, industry representatives, academics, and members of
accreditation bodies from CIHT and IHE.
• Training and professional development of staff and students within the TNE framework
by determining and providing insights into their needs
Effective start/end date1/03/2430/11/24

Collaborative partners

  • Coventry University (lead)
  • Newcastle University (Project partner)
  • Ain Shams University (Joint applicant)


  • Road Safety
  • Rail Safety
  • Vulnerable Road Users (VRU)
  • Vulnerable Rail Users
  • Transnational Education
  • Going global patnership
  • Transport Safety
  • Transport Policy


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