Transcending Borders – Strengthening Coordination, Detection And Management Of Migration-Related Transnational Organized Maritime Crime In Indonesia

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This project is focusing on the links between TOC in the maritime space and aims to support the Government of Indonesia (GoI)’s efforts on enhancing multi-agency coordination and capacities in combatting migration-related transnational organized crime (TOC) in Indonesian waters, including smuggling of migrants, trafficking in persons, fisheries crimes, etc., with the involvement of maritime security agencies, coastal communities, and other relevant stakeholders.
The objectives of the project are:
1. To identify potential gaps on migration-related TOC in Indonesian waters and better understand the areas where the project can address through targeted interventions.
2. To explore key Indonesian maritime stakeholders' understanding on the nexus between migration and TOC.
3. To develop a maritime community of security practice in Indonesia, and provide a platform for maritime security stakeholders to come together on common grounds on the issue of maritime security and TOC at sea.
Short titleTranscending Borders
Effective start/end date1/12/2331/07/25

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  • maritime security
  • transnational organised crime
  • maritime crime
  • Indonesia
  • migration related crimes
  • human trafficking
  • modern slavery
  • forced labour
  • fisheries crime


  • Security and Resilience


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