The Woodland Library - Coventry City of Culture 2021

  • Noble, Glenn (Principal Investigator)

Project: Consultancy

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The Woodland Library was an Arts in Green-space project delivered by The Starfish Collaborative as part of the Coventry City of Culture - Green Futures theme. The Project was sited in three 'lesser used' parklands and woodlands in the North-East of the city (Wyken Slough and Wyken Croft) and in the south (Canley Ford). These green and blue spaces are all surrounded by low income neighbourhoods and are the focus of regeneration strategies within the city.

Focussed community engagement sessions took place in the three months leading up to the 'Woodland Library' events and were utilised as pilots and co-creation sessions to establish the activities and 'content offer' for the main public events.

Participants were drawn from existing community organisations, but many were also 'first-time engaged' via a walk-and-talk approach within the parks and wider community areas.

Coventry Theatre & Professional Practice students took part as work-placements alongside recent graduates employed as facilitators and event stewards.

Layman's description

Community arts engagement sessions in outdoor spaces.

Key findings

First-engagement approach worked exceptionally well - model of practice shared via CoC21 talks, high level of engagement from postcodes not otherwise engaged in CoC21 activities; 'Carry-forward' development of participant group for further events; Student and Graduate experience an subsequent employment successful.
Short titleThe Woodland Library
Effective start/end date19/07/2113/08/21

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  • Arts in Regeneration
  • Outdoor Arts
  • Arts in Health
  • City of Culture
  • Co-creation
  • Communities


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