The Library of Processes: a digital venue for the collection and dissemination of artist processes

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AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award (with Siobhan Davies Dance)

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The 'Library of Processes' will investigate the various ways in which artists document reflections and experiences of working within an artist venue; Siobhan Davies Studios, and how those reflections can translate to contribute to the creation of a digital venue. Siobhan Davies Studios opened in South London in 2006 and is the home of Siobhan Davies Dance, Independent Dance and Performing Arts Lab alongside several other arts organisations. Designed by award winning architect Sarah Wigglesworth, the Studios host a full schedule of artist-led events including performances, exhibitions, artist debates and conversations, films, installations and a comprehensive range of participatory events (classes, workshops and labs) for performing artists. Since opening, Siobhan Davies has been keen to explore different methods for recording the different experiences of artists who work within the Studios, and a number of those records form part of the Relay site on the Siobhan Davies Dance website. The aim of this project is to extend the work on Relay further by developing a collection of different processes that are devised by artists in order to make their work, and their reflections upon those processes, and to create a virtual venue for the public dissemination of this collection. This body of processes will reveal the foundations of different works.
Effective start/end date1/01/111/01/12


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