Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems: Transferable tools for authorities

  • Soares, Andre (Co-Investigator)

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The SUITS project takes a socio-technical approach to capacity building in local authorities and transport stakeholder organisations with special emphasis on the knowledge transfer to smaller sized cities, making them more effective and resilient to change in the implementation of sustainable transport measures. The project aims to help cities cut congestion and pollution while improving their growth capacity and quality of life for urban dwellers and commuters.

The project is developing a capacity building programme for transport departments and resource-light learning assets (modules, e-learning material, webinars and workshops), decision support tools to assist in procurement, innovative financing, engagement of new business partners, as well as handling of open, real time and legacy data. Without capacity building and the transformation of transport departments into learning organisations, training materials will not provide the step change towards innovative transport measures.

SUITS is working with nine cities to model gaps in their understanding, motivation, communication and work practices. The project will provide each city with a map of its own strengths and weaknesses with respect to sustainable transport planning. The project will develop strategies to enhance their capacity based on each authority’s needs together with the necessary techniques to increase their own capacity. Local champions will be trained to continue capacity building after the project.
Short titleSUITS
Effective start/end date1/12/1630/11/20

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