South Asians: Grey Literature Review of Health Promotion Interventions to Reduce risk of Diabetes (SAGRED). [FUNDER: NIHR CLAHRC]

  • Szczepura, Ala (Principal Investigator)
  • Johnson, Mark (Co-Investigator)

Project: Project at former HEI

Project Details


PROJECT FUNDING: NIHR CLAHRC Nottinghamshire (£9,183)

To identify and review evidence available in the ‘grey’ literature relevant to the effectiveness of health promotion interventions aimed at reducing diabetes risk in a South Asian population. By definition so called “grey literature” does not include studies published in peer-reviewed academic journals with evidenced outcomes, but it may include project reports, unpublished reviews, discussion papers and materials available via websites.

Within this aim, there were five main objectives:

•To identify evidence relevant to such health promotion interventions in the grey literature;
•To identify relevant research in progress and its likely date of reporting;
•To map key findings from the grey literature against the published evidence base, including factors influencing success;
•To produce a summary of the available evidence on interventions, their effectiveness and populations targeted;
•To identify which interventions reported in the grey literature may be ready for widespread implementation, and which require further research.
Effective start/end date1/03/111/01/12