SIG on Flow, deformation, and reaction patterns in porous media

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    New Special Interest Group (SIG) within EPSRC-funded UK Fluids Network, entitled "Flow, deformation, and reaction patterns in porous media".

    The SIG seeks to understand, predict and eventually control the patterns that emerge in porous and granular materials by fluid flow. Examples include: (i) preferential flow pathways induced by mechanical and/or chemical modifications of the solid matrix such as fracturing and dissolution; (ii) fluid fingers associated with microstructural heterogeneity and hydrodynamic instabilities; (iii) Thermo/turbophoresis, precipitation, and deposition of solutes and particles in channels and porous structures.
    Relevant applications range from 3-D printing, coating, microfluidics, filtering, and combustion to geophysical processes such as subsurface contamination and remediation, hazardous waste storage, carbon geo-sequestration, sediment erosion and enhanced recovery of oil, gas and geothermal energy.

    Layman's description

    Special Interest Group, gathering scientists from 15 leading institutions to understand phenomena related to pattern formation by fluid flow.

    Key findings

    Short titleFlow, deformation, and reaction patterns in porous media
    AcronymUKFN SIG
    Effective start/end date30/09/19 → …

    Collaborative partners

    • Coventry University (lead)
    • University of Oxford
    • Swansea University
    • Nottingham Trent University
    • University of Nottingham


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