Promoting Sustainability, Productivity and Resilience for South African Horticultural Producers

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    This project involved the development of an Online Training course to support the rollout of sustainable practices in the South African agri/horticultural sector. The course followed on from a previous project which had examined the linkages between uptake of sustainable practices in horticultural and increases in productivity and resilience. The course was designed so that it aligned with the Tesco Improvement Programme being rolled out to suppliers in SA.

    • Enable producers to understand how developing sustainable practices leads to improvements in productivity.
    • Offer insights and tools which will enable producers to improve their practices thus increasing their resilience and productivity.

    Key findings

    The course is available via an online platform in order to increase accessibility and reduce costs for participants. The course sets the parameters for understanding what sustainability means in practice and therefore takes a ‘Triple Bottom Line’ approach via the 3Ps of People, Planet and Profit. In order to ‘make it real’ the course content uses video footage including interviews with different stakeholders involved in agri-supply chains, including retailers and producers. Six short modules comprise the course covering topics including water management, agrochemical management, managing absenteeism and management information systems.
    Short titlePromoting Sustainability, Prod
    Effective start/end date2/04/1828/12/18


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