Projekt:Project – Site Specific Projections: Berlin Alexanderplatz to Brandenburg Gate

  • Noble, Glenn (Principal Investigator)
  • Palka, Adrian (Principal Investigator)
  • Spyra, Wolfram (Researcher)

Project: Internally funded project

Project Details


A disruptive pedagogy project utilising portable pico-projectors and curated images within a walking tour of Berlin as means of providing an arrival orientation activity and a deepening of student engagement within a international field trip to Berlin.

Students were then briefed to create and present their own responses to the city during the trip, utilising the site-specific projections practice.

Key findings

The activity fulfilled some pedagogic aims extremely well.
• Enrichment of the learning undertaken on the field trip in broad terms.
• Archival, web and interview based research both in the UK and in Berlin.
• Investigation of creative potentialities of presentation modes and forms
• Direct engagement with broader contexts (Urban planning & design, architectural,
historical, socio-political, cultural, palimpsest analogy) whilst on ‘performing arts
focussed’ international field trip
• Performative and interventionist possibilities of portable projections and

We need to make more detailed preparations and issue students with projectors to
experiment with beforehand and on site. Also, we will need to emphasise the creative
potential as well as the presentational and point students towards existing creative work with projections.
Effective start/end date19/01/1531/01/16

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