Pedagogy-driven design for sensor-centric games experiences

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The project builds on our collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU, led by Dr. John Henry) on investigating wearable technology and exergames, which has been a growing interest since the wide adoption of the Internet of Things and other technological advancements around machine-to-machine communication. We have co-authored an article on “Wearable technology as game input for active exergames” and conducted user studies at CPC this year.

This project aims to further expand the framework for wearable technology-driven game design through the mapping of game aspects with serious outcomes (based on the Learning Mechanics-Game Mechanics (LMGM) model that I co-developed for pedagogy-driven game design, which also formed the core underpinning research for the REF2021 impact case on transdisciplinary game design). We will carry out participatory co-design workshops with potential designers and users of smart game framework, where use cases for how this new framework can be adopted and adopted in various application domains.
Effective start/end date1/02/2410/07/24

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