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“Being far from home has been a source of reflection for many artists over the centuries. As Australians, returning to the Old World, we relish the opportunity of bringing works that we grew up with to new audiences, whilst also sharing critical aspects of our cultural heritage and outlook.”

Internationally-acclaimed, Ozmosis consists of Australian musicians living and working in Europe and the UK. Founded in Cork, Ireland in 2005 by Nicole Panizza, Katrina Emtage and Ilse de Ziah, Ozmosis are committed to exploring and promoting the best of new and existing contemporary chamber music that Australia has to offer.

This research project highlights composers indigenous to Australia. It seeks to create a record of new or rarely heard works and to establish a new model of chamber music programming and performance by showcasing works that highlight national ‘identity’ and specific artistic qualities pertinent to Australian cultural form. By exposing little-known musical works, and then transporting them into a “European” context, this recital program seeks to discover new ways for this unique cultural voice to engage in ‘dialogue’ with others, with the intention of creating a model for contemplating and constructing national identity. This dialogue is expressed through the partnerships of sound, text and performance.

Key findings

The Big Dry – clarinet, cello, piano – Kelvin (2009)
Threnody – solo cello – Sculthorpe (1991-2)
Chiaroscuro I – piano – Sutherland (1967)
Russian Rag – flute, cello, piano – Kats-Chernin (2001)
Sobben – Nepitanc –clarinet, cello, piano – Kelvin (2000)
feed it all it needs 1-4 – clarinet – Plankenthorn (2009)
Lahara’s Stream – cello, piano – Howlett (1978)
Colours of the Sea – flute, cello, piano – Kats-Chernin (2004)
Snow, Moon and Flowers – piano – Sculthorpe (1972)
Spur the Snakes! – clarinet/cello – Free improvisation
After Dark – cello, piano – Howlett (2012) Sonus Dulcis – clarinet, cello, piano – Pertout (2000)
Short titleContemporary Australian Chamber Music
Effective start/end date1/02/1130/06/16


  • Australian music
  • chamber music
  • composition
  • performance
  • legacy


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