NEFELI Project- Erasmus+ KA2

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Project NEFELI is an EU funded Erasmus+ KA2 social inclusion project with a focus on adult education, extending and developing the competences of educators and other personnel who support adult learners. Specifically, it focuses on Improving and extending the supply of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individual low-skilled or low-qualified adults.

Layman's description

The purpose of the project is to share best practice around adult education within the context of working with vulnerable communities. Project NEFELI is designed to build a network and to share four very specific methodologies around adult education. The study will result in publications (text/video/online) and contribute to the development of materials around informal and non-formal adult education within a context of vulnerable communities.

Key findings

Expected Results: -exchange and transfer of know-how, methods, approaches, non-formal tools learning that each project partner has created and developed through actions -training of trainees (trainers & women) on those methodologies -development of a non-formal learning support and empowerment learning book, with -creation of a website and a forum that will form the basis of the program for building a network of trainees to support and empower women as well and public awareness campaigns -four (4) public awareness campaigns -creating press releases in each country's media
Effective start/end date2/09/191/02/22


  • Roma
  • Migrant
  • Learning
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