Modified pervious pavements for water harvesting

  • Nnadi, Ernest (Researcher)
  • Newman, Alan Paul (Academic)
  • Duckers, Les (Academic)
  • Coupe, Steve (Academic)
  • Puehmeier, Tim (Co-Investigator)
  • Whitehall, Paul (Technician)

Project: Thesis

Project Details


The overall aim of this multi disciplinary research was to evaluate the suitability of a modified pervious pavement system (PPS) for water harvesting and re-use, particularly focussing on potential third world applications and taking advantage of the latest developments in materials that are available for such applications. The aim was a holistic one in which water re-use was examined in terms of both the potential advantages from an irrigation point of view without ignoring the very important public health concerns that are often of concern when water is stored in circumstances which do not fit the normally used criteria for potable supplies. The results of this study confirmed the pollution control capability of the porous pavement system as earlier determined by previous studies. Also, a novel experimental rig was designed to reproducibly create very high and realistic rainfall events over model pavement structures. Furthermore, the performance of a new geotextile in the pervious pavement system was determined for the first time.
Effective start/end date5/09/054/09/13


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