Kauma's Brief Encounters - Global Frameworks for Creative Exchange (Parts I & II)

Project: Internally funded project

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Last year Kauma Aarts (KA) organised the Kauma Brief Encounters (KBEs) that brought together creatives and key leaders to engage and connect in a closed, safe and neutral space to discuss, share and exchange ideas, cultivate collaborations, and deepen the artistic value for artforms within the African Diaspora and Africa. The primary aim of the KBEs is to provide a platform that spotlights the work of creatives to intentionally facilitate their connection with other artists nationally and internationally. KA curated 5 KBEs in-house featuring national and international leaders with the creatives exploring the themes and related provocations. A key provocation was How do we create a level playing field for creative exchange across diasporas and the continent?
AcronymUKRI-Kauma Arts and KBEs
Effective start/end date1/01/221/06/22

Collaborative partners

  • Coventry University (lead)
  • Reel master Productions (Project partner)
  • Kauma Arts (Project partner)


  • Dance
  • African Dance
  • Diaspora
  • Cultural heritage
  • Policy


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