Intelligent Variable Messaging System

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Interconnected and cooperative – the future of our transport systems.Develop of a real world Connected Car to Infrastructure demonstrator in the West Midlands. Intelligent Variable Message Systems (iVMS) will assess how connected and automated vehicles interact on key corridors leading into Coventry’s city centre from the national road network. The iVMS project will draw on cutting edge expertise from Coventry University’s Centre for Mobility and Transport and the Centre for Business in Society. The centres will support the City Council in collaboration with project partners HORIBA MIRA, Siemens Mobility and University spin-out, Serious Games International (SGIL).Dr Olivier Haas, saying: ‘A better understanding of how these systems impact drivers’ behaviour will also allow us to refine driver models used in traffic simulators to improve accuracy, and predict the effects connected and automated vehicle technology can have on our roads.’Dr Nick Henry, Co-Director of the Centre for Business in Society commented, “Funded under the Coventry and Warwickshire Growth Deal, our role will be to assess the contribution made by this demonstrator in enhancing Coventry’s move to a less congested and smarter city, including reduced carbon emissions, a more efficient infrastructure for business, and an R&D site to support the city region’s booming automotive, digital and advanced manufacturing industries.”
Short titleiVMS
Effective start/end date1/06/1630/03/18


  • iVMS
  • smart phone
  • Aimsun
  • Traffic simulation
  • app
  • traffic management
  • model calibration