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    The project will develop a new highly innovative lightweight exhaust system for forced induction diesel and petrol automotive vehicles. This project will deliver cost-effective materials and manufacturing technology, including metrology and CAE methods to enable a step change reduction of 50% of the mass of an exhaust system. It will provide innovative solutions to the manufacturing challenges associated with down-gauging exhaust components in terms of jigging, forming, joining and metrology as well as the overall design methodology. Furthermore, the project will focus on the development of new and innovative material processes for the catalytic hot-end of the exhaust system including the associated manufacturing challenges. The ultimate aim is to significantly reduce the overall system mass, thus for instance giving an annual CO2 saving of 325M tonnes, reduced customer fuel bills and a 5% reduction of precious metals being used in catalytic converters.
    Effective start/end date1/06/161/03/20

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