Historical Knowledges of Charterhouse Coventry and their Influence on Contemporary Perceptions, Planning and Practice of Ecological Restoration of Charterhouse Fields

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Restoration of blue-green urban landscapes provides key environmental benefits and enhances the social and cultural value of a space. The restoration of a space based on historical depictions, though, raises some key questions. What are the drivers and barriers to buy-in? How do the different constructs of this space impact the restoration that takes place? How does the heritage of a space shape an environment? Which historical ‘past’ is being restored and why? Such questions extend restoration activities from a purely environmental or ecological activity to a project that benefits a space and the people that use it. This MRes explores the social and cultural value of ecological restoration schemes by looking at the Charterhouse Heritage Park project which began in 2022 after significant funding. Engaging with stakeholders of this scheme (including local community, tourists, councillors and the Historic Coventry and Warwickshire Wildlife Trusts) through walking interviews and online focus groups, this qualitative and transdisciplinary project explores how constructs of Coventry ‘heritage’ influence the restoration of Charterhouse Heritage Park, and stakeholder perceptions of this activity

Layman's description

An investigation into people's perceptions of ecological restoration of Charterhouse Heritage Park in Coventry.
Short titleEcological Restoration of Charterhouse Fields
Effective start/end date1/01/2431/12/24


  • ecological restoration
  • rewilding
  • Charterhouse Heritage Park
  • Coventry
  • perceptions
  • wildlife conservation
  • geography
  • research methods


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