H1perChain - Developing the UK’s Long-term Capabilities and Supply Chain in the Design, Build and Manufacture of Zero Tailpipe Emission Vehicles, APC12 - Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) through Innovate UK

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The H1perChain (high performance EV supply chain) project has been designed to scale up the UK’s battery pack manufacturing and supply chain industry as a critical part of the automotive sector and the UK Government Industrial Strategy.
The project will address the need for a step change reduction in battery pack costs by developing the UK component and sub-system supply chain capabilities, establishing robust and high-speed laser welding processes whilst innovating the design and manufacturing solutions for higher volume battery packs.
This will be underpinned by a novel Industry 4.0 digitalisation strategy that enables reduced lead-times with optimised productivity and overall competitiveness.
Short titleH1perChain
Effective start/end date1/10/19 → …


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