H1PERBAT – High Performance Battery Pilot Facility, APC6 - Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) through Innovate UK

  • Lawrence, Jonathan (Principal Investigator)
  • Iqbal, Naveed (Research Fellow)
  • Toman, Trevor (Co-Investigator)
  • Matharu, Ranveer (Researcher)
  • Guo, Hua (Researcher)
  • Perumal, Bama (Researcher)

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    Led by Williams Advanced Engineering, a consortium including Aston Martin Lagonda, Unipart Powertrain Applications, Warwick Manufacturing Group, National Composites Centre, Coventry University, Aspire Engineering and Productiv, will address the need for high performance electric vehicle (EV) batteries by: 1) realising a novel flexible battery technology with unrivalled module/system performance; and 2) establishing a UK pilot facility for high performance batteries. The H1PERBAT project takes an integrated full life cycle approach to remove constraints on capacity, energy density and thermal management of EV batteries at module and system level to realise a step change in performance for demanding EV applications. The test/optimisation of durability, integrity and safety of technology at cell, module and system level for validated vehicle integration is targeted. The novel pilot facility will realise unique UK capability in module/system-level R&D and scalability to medium production volumes to flexibly target UK/global EV OEMs.
    Short titleH1PERBAT
    Effective start/end date3/04/1731/12/19


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