Future of education and research: ablative thematic analysis

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Sequential exploratory thematic analysis, using secondary data (accessed via web, databases and journal articles). Phase 1, purposeful selection of credible institutions and review of associated grey literature. Phase II, eclectic web scan, involving terms, <Future education research>. Phase III – coding and theme analysis.

Layman's description

Searching for and distilling key themes that underpin future directions in education and research

Key findings

Recent seminal discourse on the future of education and research can be distilled into ten themes: TENSION PARADOX, ECOSYSTEM ENRICHMENT, PHRONESIS vs. COMMODIFICATION, ACCESS vs. ELITE CREDENTIALISATION, STRATEGIC COLLABORATION, NURTURING EMOTIONAL & SOCIAL WELLBEING, FUNDING: RECONFIGURING CAPITALISM, JUDICIOUS TECHNOLOGY, INVESTMENT IN PEOPLE, DEMOCRATISING DIALOGUE. Analysis suggests, the most salient dimensions are PHRONESIS vs. COMMODIFICATION and STRATEGIC COLLABORATION. In effect, recent managerialist educational reforms that appeared superficially transformative were, actually, often fundamentally misguided. Second, impactful research in, for example, deep tech, resilience or health calls for strategic interdisciplinary collaboration.
Effective start/end date2/05/2231/12/22


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