FRAME (facial remote activity monitoring eyewear) An inconspicuous, non-invasive, mobile sensor device for real-time control of assistive technologies through facial expression. [FUNDER: NIHR i4i Programme].

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PROJECT FUNDER: NIHR i4i Programme. (£846,293)

We take for granted the ability to smile, kiss, or close our eyes at night, all of which can be affected by facial paralysis. This condition may strike anyone at any time, regardless of age or gender.

This project aimed to develop a pair of glasses that discreetly provides real-time feedback to the wearer about their facial muscle function, helping them practice their rehabilitative exercises regularly and correctly, thereby speeding recovery of normal, symmetric facial expressions.

Early health technology assessment has modelled the likely cost-effectiveness of technology introduction and, separately, commercial viability and NHS adoption has been considered.
Short titleFRAME
Effective start/end date18/07/161/03/19

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