Examining sustainability risks in Indonesia-UK coffee supply chains

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This project is funded by the UKRI QR-SPF
The global coffee industry faces a number of sustainability risks from price volatility, and supply of labour to climate change and changing prevalence of pests and disease. The challenges it faces are complex, with adjustments to supply chains shaped by a variety of factors.
Indonesia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world, producing around 12 million bags (60kg) of coffee in 2018/2019, behind only Brazil (53 million), Vietnam (28 million) and Ethiopia (7 million). For the UK, Indonesia represents an important market to source green coffee, it is the third-largest supplier (15%) behind only Vietnam (22%) and Brazil (21%). The sustainability risks that affect the Indonesian coffee industry are thus important for the future sustainability of the coffee industry in the UK.
This project explores sustainability risks in the coffee supply chain between Indonesia and the UK, with a particular interest on the risks around the sourcing of green coffee beans. The project is designed to generate discussions amongst key stakeholders, including industry and policymakers, about sustainability risks that are crucial for the future of the Indonesia-UK.
Effective start/end date1/01/2030/03/20

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  • coffee
  • sustainability
  • risks
  • supply chain
  • policy


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