European-Brazilian Network on Energy Planning

    Project: Project at former HEI

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    Funder: EU FP7
    Value: € 218,400 (€ 46,200)

    The general aim of the propose NETEP—European-Brazilian Network on Energy Planning is to create the basis for interdisciplinary research and knowledge transfer on energy planning. The proposed exchange programme envisages a significant contribution to the development of sustainable energy planning strategies that will support future decision making. NETEP brings together partners having different types of expertise in the field of energy analysis and operating in four different countries: Portugal, UK, Spain and Brazil expressing different energetic metabolic patterns and different energy market structures. Staff exchange will enable partners to share knowledge on models and methodologies and on the possibility of implementing or adapting them to different energy systems. The knowledge generated will benefit energy decision makers and the scientific community. The outputs will result in a relevant contribution to the general target of achieving sustainable energy societies in the future. Visits between universities’ research staff are expected to create the basis for proposing joint projects and long term collaboration. The participation and training of early career researchers is a key aspect of the proposal and joint supervision of their work will be valuable means to ensure proper collaboration and knowledge transfer between EU and Brazil.

    Key findings
    Effective start/end date2/01/141/01/17


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