Enhancing Transnational Education Programmes: Improving Student Retention, Satisfaction and Attainment by Addressing the Motivation, Expectation and Experience Factors in the Anglo-Sino Pedagogies

    Project: Internally funded project

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    Enhancing Transnational Education Programmes via addressing the key challenges affecting its growth and success. Our initial studies will be based in China informing additional studies with a world-wide reach. The aim of the project is to improve learner satisfaction, retention rates for UK-based study, and student success, by exploring Chinese students’ motivation, expectations and experiences of studying on a CU-TNE programme including the impact of Anglo-Sino pedagogies.

    Layman's description

    This project investigates the experiences of Chinese students who are studying on a Coventry University Transnational Education (TNE) course, which is delivered in China. These are students who are studying in English and intend on further study overseas, but have chosen to start their higher education experience in China.
    Short titleTNE China
    Effective start/end date3/12/18 → 1/08/19


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