Disability, neurodiversity, and remote e-working: Promoting the creation of an inclusive workplace. ‘Remote for All’ (R4All)

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This project aims to fill a gap in understanding the impact of remote e-working for People with Disability/Neurodiversity (PwD/N). This population of workers might be overlooked by employers, therefore becoming invisible and unable to work in a way that best supports their needs and capabilities. In-depth interviews will be conducted, within both private and public sectors, with: 1) PwD/N, to explore their lived experience as remote e-workers; 2) employers, to identify challenges and resources for the creation of inclusive work environments; 3) key stakeholders, to advise on the main recommendations and guidelines for the future. This multi-informant approach will provide a comprehensive understanding of the experiences of remote e-working for PwD/N, while also offering insightful information for the design of policies and practices for inclusive work environments. A toolkit will be developed to support individuals, organisations and practitioners that can feed into guidance to influence wider societal and government policy.
Effective start/end date1/09/2131/08/22


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