Development and evaluation of an integrated school curriculum intervention to improve fitness and cardiovascular risk profile in disadvantaged school children

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    Aim and Objectives. To design an integrated school curriculum physical activity intervention to improve fitness and cardiovascular risk profile in children from deprived backgrounds, and to evaluate feasibility, acceptability and potential effectiveness of such intervention. This aim will be achieved through the following 3 objectives: (1) define current levels of physical activity and their association with cardiovascular risk profile, (2) design a physical activity intervention with teachers and children, and (3) determine the feasibility, acceptability and preliminary effectiveness of the intervention to improve physical activity and cardiovascular health in disadvantaged children.
    Total project value £44,963 - Coronary Prevention Group (London).
    Short titleImproving CardioVascular risk health in Disadvantaged School Children
    Effective start/end date1/10/2131/05/23


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