Dancing Bodies in Coventry-II

    Project: Internally funded project

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    This second iteration will aim to make 2 films, record 3 podcast episodes and commission two dance companies to create work in the city. DBiC-II will include the videos that were previously made and reuse them in a number of creative contexts. Two artists will be commissioned to create work that is built on a reading of the past DBiC materials already produced within the project and ask them to interview local citizens from the Roma community. These interviews will serve as a springboard for the dance scores that produced. The hope is that the new work will merge, blur and create new ways of seeing Coventry’s architecture and inform future artistic endeavours. DBiC-II will be a meeting ground between practitioners, researchers, artists, staff, Coventry tourist visitors and industry, as well as local producers and dance companies. The citizen science element will ensure that under-represented members of the community are captured and brought to the forefront. The project will capture and share the stories, films and podcasts with the wider Coventry community connecting both University and the city’s communities. The films and podcasts will live on the existing DBiC website to ensure that people outside of Coventry, UK can access and view the materials and learn about the lesser-known areas of the city thus encouraging a reuse and reimagining of the city.
    Effective start/end date30/11/1931/07/20


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