Creative Accounting: Evolving Mindsets for Business and Finance Professionals

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An effective way to intervene, engage and open up leaders’ mindsets is to make use of creative arts, playfulness and performance-based interventions. Such approaches employ the creative arts as a ‘trojan horse’ to disrupt businesses for good and to shift leaders’ mindsets. Early examples have proven to be successful in other contexts, such as in the accountancy profession in Australia; through partnership this project will bring these techniques to the UK and replicate them.

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The aim of this project is to investigate how, through performance-led artistic interventions and provocations, the creative arts and playfulness can best be utilised to disrupt traditional mindsets and facilitate a more integrated approach to the business of accounting.

This project is a transdisciplinary, international, and policy engagement study that will bring together CU research centres while stimulating debate, co-creation of ideas and knowledge exchange between universities, businesses and policy-makers (accounting bodies).
Short titleCreative Accounting
Effective start/end date1/01/2310/07/23

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  • mindset
  • creative accounting
  • creativity
  • business and artists


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