Collaborative research on Women's Communal Land Rights in Africa

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    The overarching objective of this project is to draw lessons from and scale up efforts to advance WCLR in East and West Africa. The project will rely on 4 main areas of work:

    1. Capacity-building: Support 4 farmer and pastoralist organizations in East and West Africa in their efforts at a) becoming more gender-sensitive and gender-transformative; b) developing their internal capacity to conduct participatory action research (PAR) in response to their own interests and vision.
    2. Participatory Research: Document and draw lessons from efforts to advance women’s communal land rights (WCLR) in different spaces, from the household to the village level, to the local government or traditional authorities, to the district level.
    3. Facilitate dialogues at all levels.
    o between women and men, across generations, at household level, among women
    o Identify, create and multiply tools and processes that work to facilitate inclusive and empowering dialogues
    o Create social cohesion
    4. Action for social change: Support actions that advance and scale-up WCLR, in line with the individual needs and priorities of the partner organisations.
    Effective start/end date1/09/2028/02/22

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