Collaborative PhD Programme between Coventry University and The Agency for Science, Technology and Research of Singapore (A*STAR)

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The Collaborative PhD Programme between Coventry University (CU), UK and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore has been established for five cohorts of doctoral candidates to study for a PhD degree awarded by CU and conduct part of their research of up to two years at A*STAR.
This collaborative PhD programme involves multiple research centres at CU and A*STAR. The Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) will be affiliated with the CU research centre where their Director of Studies (DoS) is based and with the A*STAR host research institute where the co-supervisor is a member of the joint supervisory team.
The main objectives of the programme are:
•to nurture and develop talent in the research areas in which CU and A*STAR have common interest and complementary expertise;
•to bridge the gap between academia and industry in terms of research and development;
•to bring about meaningful and impactful research outcomes.

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Together CU and A*STAR develop industry sectors by integrating our capabilities to create impact with Multi-National Corporations and Globally Competitive Companies; partnering Local Enterprises for productivity and gearing them for growth; and nurturing R&D-driven Start-ups by seeding for surprises and shaping for success.The PGRs of this programme receive full scholarships jointly offered by CU and A*STAR for up to four years. PGRs will have access to research facilities, support and guidance from both CU and A*STAR to excel in their field and broaden their professional networks. Throughout the programme the PGRs will have a joint supervisory team and work in close collaboration with industry stakeholders in both UK and Singapore. The PGRs receive comprehensive research training including technical, personal and professional skills at both institutions.
Short titleCU-A*STAR PhD programme
Effective start/end date1/06/1831/07/20

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