Choreographic Objects; traces and artefacts of physical intelligence

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AHRC Beyond Text Workshop.

The focus of these workshops will be four unique interdisciplinary research projects initiated by established contemporary choreographers Wayne McGregor, Siobhan Davies, William Forsythe and Emio Greco PC (Pieter C. Scholten). These choreographers are internationally recognised for their contribution to the field of contemporary dance. In addition to live performances for an audience, the choreographers and their associated organisations have independently begun to explore the potential of interactive digital media and related technologies to document, represent, transmit and disseminate aspects of their artistic practice. The varieties of information-rich resources they have created (including on-line interactive scores, digital dance archives, choreographic software agents and real-time training simulations) will constitute the choreographic objects that this project investigates.
Effective start/end date1/01/081/01/09

Collaborative partners

  • Coventry University
  • University of Aberdeen (lead)
  • Amsterdam University of the Arts (Project partner)
  • Intel Corporation (Project partner)
  • Random Dance Company (Project partner)


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