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Coventry University supporting Project Certus with using simulation expertise to speed up the development of self-driving vehicles 

Coventry University will be using its expertise in simulation technology in a project aimed at speeding up the development verification and validation of self-driving vehicle technology. 

The use of automated features on cars has grown for decades but so have the development costs leading ultimately to self-driving capabilities require new scenario based testing methods to ensure safety. However, to test, with technologies for every eventuality having to be tested over would require bmillions of miles before they are deemed safe for use. 

The aim of Project CERTUS is to speed up this process using digital simulation, helping to bring such technologies to the mass market quicker and more cost effectively. 

The £2.7million project has an ambitious aim of reducing the time it takes to validate and verify automated driving systems by 40%. 

Project Certus aims to develop a range of tools to help verify self-driving technology and determine which tests are needed before they can be brought to market. 

Coventry University’s roles in CERTUS y will be to support be to support the development of the y sharing its expertise in simulation technology, enabling the development of scenarios to use in test programmes and assist in the dissemination and exploitation of the tools through engagement with government, standards bodies and the wider industry.. 

Simulation will not completely replace other forms of development, such as road physical testing, but will play a key part in the overall testing programme. 

Professor Kevin Vincent, Director of Coventry University’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Automotive Research, said: “Coventry University already has a great reputation for innovation in the field of automated driving technology and we are a founder member of the CAM test bed UK. Being involved in Project CERTUS further raises the profile of Coventry University in this area.” 

Associate Professor Olivier Haas, team lead for Intelligent Transportation Systems and 5G and the lead for Project Certus at Coventry University, said: “This project is all about reducing the development costs of self-driving technology for manufacturers, it will make the industry more democratic. The aim is to develop a new commercial product to help manufacturers test their designs in a cost-effective manner, while building confidence in this technology. 

“We’re thrilled to be working with Horiba MIRA, IPG, companies such as Polestar and Connected Places Catapult in this project, who have a fantastic reputation for innovation in the sector and together we expect to bring game changing technology to facilitate the safe, efficient and accessible deployment of connected and automated mobility.” 
Short titleCERTUS
Effective start/end date1/07/2331/03/25


  • risks
  • software
  • safe
  • vehicle
  • simulation
  • IPG CarMaker
  • Simulink
  • Control
  • Modelling


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