Baseline and Endline surveys for the Kyrgyzstan Peacebuilding Priority Plan (PPP)

  • Thiessen, Chuck (Principal Investigator)

    Project: Consultancy

    Project Details


    In this project I worked with the UN system in Kyrgyzstan to design and implement baseline and endline surveys that measure the peacebuilding impact of 10 UN three-year peacebuilding projects addressing a wide range of themes - dispute resolution at local, regional and central levels; reductions in violence in local communities; police and oversight group reform; representation of youth, women and ethnic minorities in police and governance institutions; youth mobilization across ethnic lines; citizen’s trust in local governance institutions, police, and national state institutions; religious leaders and peace; youth and diversity; media and diversity; and citizens and positive dispositions toward others. These surveys included a national household perception survey and a qualitative component gathering data from local self-governance areas across the country.
    Short titleConsultant Kyrgyzstan PPP
    Effective start/end date16/07/1630/09/16


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