Aarhus- Coventry Cotutelle in Education (ACCE)

  • Dang, QueAnh (Researcher)
  • Wright, Sue (Principal Investigator)

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    This 5-year collaborative programme offers doctotal researchers the opportunity to advance their skills and expertise in the higher education field, whilst developing their intercultural and international skills, and creating international networks and collaborations.
    This cotutelle programme is designed for doctoral researchers to study at both universities for two PhD awards. In order to achieve two awards, academic requirements and study frameworks of both Coventry University and Aarhus University must be fulfilled. This includes the successful completion of regular progression assessments, development of a thesis, and undergo an oral viva voce examination and a public defence.

    Layman's description

    This cotutelle PhD programme anchored in GLEA and CHEF aims to provide you with international research experience and cutting-edge knowledge in your field.
    Interested applicants are invited to submit research proposals addressing one of the research themes within either research centre.

    Centre for Global Learning: Education and Attainment research themes:
    Systematic and strategic approaches to addressing inequities in education
    This theme focuses on researching the differential student outcomes in higher education. The nature of this theme means that students from disadvantaged groups will be more represented and supported. Applications are invited in the areas of exploring impact of policy, encouraging widening participation in education and making education inclusive (particularly for students in protected characteristic groups).

    Intercultural engagement in education and global learning
    Applications are invited in conducting research on the effects of strategies, initiatives and practices aiming to develop intercultural engagement, and a global outlook among higher education students and staff.

    Centre for Higher Education Futures research themes:
    The role and positioning of universities and higher education in the world
    This area for research considers the positioning of Universities in a multifaceted ecology involving a wide range of stakeholders. Applications may, for example, focus on the Europeanisation, internationalisation or privatisation of higher education, or how Universities evolve as students' needs change or as the geopolitics between countries and world regions shifts.

    Universities’ organisation and inner life
    This research theme explores the internal workings of higher education. Applicants are invited to investigate issues such as changing relations between managers, administrators and academics, precarious employment and inequalities, or boundaries between work life, private life and extra-curricular professional networks. Topics also include how academics navigate multiple and diverse performance demands (e.g. research standards, quality indicators, performance management) versus academic freedom and autonomy.

    Building alternative university futures
    Research in this area considers the evolving concept, organisation and practice of higher education. Applications are welcomed on areas such as the impact of COVID19 on higher education, sustainability issues, the roles of universities in their communities and in fostering social equality and democracy, and other factors that shape and influence the future vision of higher education.
    Effective start/end date1/10/20 → …

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