A three-way model of assessment involving transatlantic peer assessment and employer-engaged assessment

  • Thorley, Mark (Principal Investigator)

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Technology offers the opportunity for a thinking community to search, inscribe, connect, consult and explore (Levy 1997: 217). Students often use this concept to learn informally by connecting with peers globally. Commercial organisations also use peer-production technology for sake of quality, speed and cost (Tapscott and Williams 2006: 1). These same enabling technologies can be used for students within higher education to connect with employers

Higher Education institutions are, however, not realising the full potential of these three concepts. This project, funded by the Higher Education Academy aims to change this by means of a three-way collaboration between Coventry University, New York University and industry organisation, JAMES.

Key findings

The project applied (and interrogated) innovative international learning experiences with the following characteristics:
- Based on the principles of active and collaborative learning
- Involving unusual and challenging activities
- Involving formative communication with academic staff and industrial practitioners
- Maximising enriching educational experiences
- Being supported and legitimated by University learning communities
- Using the emerging technology in innovative and effective ways

The project demonstrated the impact of a digital learning community which can be used for developing expertise in professional music production, and other related areas. In doing so, it produced an overall 'model' made up of a number of templates which replicate the production process as a number of discrete production interactions.

Effective start/end date2/09/147/10/16

Collaborative partners

  • Coventry University (lead)
  • Higher Education Academy (HEA) (Project partner)
  • Joint Audio Media Services (JAMES) (Project partner)
  • New York University (Project partner)


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