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IOM Consultancy Aug 2016 - July 2017

Chapsos, I.


Project: Consultancy

Development of a digital intervention to increase condom use amongst those self-testing for Chlamydia

Newby, K., Bailey, J. V., Crutzen, R., Brown, K., Szczepura, A., Hurt, J., Alston, T., Saunders, J., Sadiq, T. & Satyajit, D.


Project: Research

UKCITE: UK Connected & Intelligent Test Envionment (UK CITE)

Esugo, M., Haas, O., Payre, W., Diels, C., Agbaje, O. & Stephan, A.


Project: Research

DDRI: Understanding and co-designing mechanisms for research participation within the DDRI model

Moody, L., Callari, T. C., Saunders, J. & Holliday, N.


Project: Internally funded project