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Urban Village: The Roma’s Allotment Project

Cisneros, R. K.


Project: Internally funded project

V-Engage - Using Virtual Reality exergaming to engage adolescents with physical activity

Fisher, A., Steptoe, A., Potts, H., Newby, K. & Smith, L.


Project: Research

Visiting Professorship - Ina Merdjanova

Aune, K.


Project: Research

West Midlands Food Policy

Jarvis, D., Berkeley, N., Lambie, H. & Kneafsey, M.


Project: Research

What is the best way to promote self-efficacy using digital interventions? A systematic review with meta-analysis

Newby, K., Teah, G., Cooke, R., Li, X., Brown, K., Salisbury-Finch, B., Kwah, K., Bartle, N., Curtis, K., Fulton, E., Parsons, J., Dusseldorp, E. & Williams, S.


Project: Research

Women, Peace and Security (WPS) and countering violent extremism (CVE) in Tunisia and Kenya.

Aroussi, S.


Project: Internally funded project