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The Arts Gymnasium

Wimpenny, K. & Chahal, K.


Project: Research

The Automotive R&D Infrastructure in the UK

Henry, N., Jarvis, D., Jones, A., Bailey, D., Medhurst, J. & Franke, J.


Project: Research

The Case for the Transport Catapult

Jarvis, D., Berkeley, N. & Noon, D.


Project: Research

The emotional dynamics of backlash politics

Busher, J., Sullivan, G. & Giurlando, P.


Project: Internally funded project

The evolution of anti-minority activism in two English towns

Busher, J., Harris, G. & Macklin, G.


Project: Project at former HEI

The Harsh Environmental GaN Sensor

Faramehr, S.


Project: Project at former HEI

The Internal Brakes on Tactical Escalation

Busher, J., Holbrook, D. & Macklin, G.


Project: Research

The Local Economic Impact of Coventry University Group

Jarvis, D.


Project: Internally funded project

THERACOM: Therapeutic Communications in Black and Minority Ethnic Populations: a synthesis of the evidence base. [FUNDER: NIHR HTA Programme].

Bhui, K., Szczepura, A., McCabe, R., Johnson, M., Weich, S. & Singh, S.


Project: Project at former HEI

Transatlantic Critical Listening

Thorley, M.


Project: Research

Transforming Curricula through internationalisation and virtual exchange

Wimpenny, K., Hagenmeier, C., Beelen, J., Haug, E., Samuels, L., Mbambo-Kekana, N., Viviani, A., DeWinter, A., Obadire, S., Rubin, J., Jackson, L. & DeWinter, A.


Project: Research

UKCITE: UK Connected & Intelligent Test Envionment (UK CITE)

Esugo, M., Haas, O., Payre, W., Diels, C., Agbaje, O. & Stephan, A.


Project: Research

Underpinning Power Electronics 2017

Lophitis, N.


Project: Research

DDRI: Understanding and co-designing mechanisms for research participation within the DDRI model

Moody, L., Callari, T. C., Saunders, J. & Holliday, N.


Project: Internally funded project

Understanding concerns about community relations

Thomas, P., Busher, J., Macklin, G., Christmann, K. & Rogerson, M.


Project: Project at former HEI

Unobtrusive Smart Environments for Independent Living (USEFIL). [FUNDER: Framework 7, ICT Call].

Papadopoulos , H., Szczepura, A., James , C., Katasonov , A., Lawo, M., Bamidis, P., Mühlbach , L., Kees Tuinenbreijer, K. T. & Lewy, H.


Project: Project at former HEI

Urban Village: The Roma’s Allotment Project

Cisneros, R. K.


Project: Internally funded project

V-Engage - Using Virtual Reality exergaming to engage adolescents with physical activity

Fisher, A., Steptoe, A., Potts, H., Newby, K. & Smith, L.


Project: Research

Visiting Professorship - Ina Merdjanova

Aune, K.


Project: Research