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Commercial Property Demand Internship

Jarvis, D. & Noon, D.


Project: Research

Collaborative learning for Sound Design

Thorley, M.


Project: Research

FAR: CoC: Branding FARGO Creative Village

Sukumar, A. P. C., George, S., Tomlins, R. & Anderson, A.


Project: Internally funded project

Church in Action: Where Churches are Making a Difference

Jarvis, D., Lambie, H., Brown, G., Brady, G. & Porter, F.


Project: Research

CAMPUS Independent Study Programme

Rito, C., Sternfeld, N., Dyangani Ose, E., Bhambra, G., Gario, Q., Franke, A., Condorelli, C. & Campt, T.

18/10/19 → …

Project: Other

Business Cultures and Communities in the Coventry and Nuneaton Regeneration Zone

Berkeley, N., Jarvis, D., Winters, C., Allender, P. & Barnes, S.


Project: Research

Building Trust to Enhance Maritime Security

Chapsos, I., Berman, E. & Kitchen, C.


Project: Research

British Academy International Conference Grant

Reddy, V.


Project: Project at former HEI

BiLex: A Psycholinguistic Database for Bilingual Children

Niolaki, G. & Terzopoulos, A.


Project: Internally funded project

Australian Recording Studio Acoustic Design

Thorley, M.


Project: Research

AR Prison Break

Dawkins, S., Wright, B., Bleetman, J., Gazeley-Eke, Z., Mikelli, D. & Steward, K.


Project: Internally funded project