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Linguistic challenges of the transition from primary to secondary school

Deignan, A., Chambers, G., Inglis, M., Semino, E., Brezina, V., Oxley, F., Love, R., Leung, C., Jones, M., Çandarli, D. & Curry, N.


Project: Project at former HEI

Solo-GaN 600V-1.2kV Power Trench MOSFET

Faramehr, S.


Project: Research

Collaborative learning for Sound Design

Thorley, M.


Project: Research

The Local Economic Impact of Coventry University Group

Jarvis, D.


Project: Internally funded project

The Automotive R&D Infrastructure in the UK

Henry, N., Jarvis, D., Jones, A., Bailey, D., Medhurst, J. & Franke, J.


Project: Research

V-Engage - Using Virtual Reality exergaming to engage adolescents with physical activity

Fisher, A., Steptoe, A., Potts, H., Newby, K. & Smith, L.


Project: Research

IAPP UKSA: Delivery of training in Carbon Capture and Storage for industry-oriented projects

Shariatipour, S., Titinchi, S., Surridge, T. & Tasianas, A.


Project: Research

We Mobile - Design commission

Magee, P. & Woodcock, A.


Project: Consultancy

EPSRC: Pathways Electric Vehicle Value Chain - Bridging the Gaps

Davies, H.


Project: Project at former HEI

Commercial Property Demand Internship

Jarvis, D. & Noon, D.


Project: Research

Measuring the Size of the Social Investment Market

Henry, N., Jarvis, D., Leather, J. & Jugnauth, A.


Project: Research

AR Prison Break

Dawkins, S., Wright, B., Bleetman, J., Gazeley-Eke, Z., Mikelli, D. & Steward, K.


Project: Internally funded project

What is the best way to promote self-efficacy using digital interventions? A systematic review with meta-analysis

Newby, K., Teah, G., Cooke, R., Li, X., Brown, K., Salisbury-Finch, B., Kwah, K., Bartle, N., Curtis, K., Fulton, E., Parsons, J., Dusseldorp, E. & Williams, S.


Project: Research

Inner Selfie: Examining the feasibility and acceptability of changing cancer-related risk perceptions using virtual reality

Fisher, A., Newby, K., Webb, T., Miesel, S., Fisher, B. & Cook, C.


Project: Research

Church in Action: Where Churches are Making a Difference

Jarvis, D., Lambie, H., Brown, G., Brady, G. & Porter, F.


Project: Research

CR4B: Cyber Readiness for Boards Project

Carr, M., Sasse, A., Parkin, S., Moore, T., Hoepner , A., Shaikh, S. & Kuhn, K.


Project: Research