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Development of a digital intervention to increase condom use amongst those self-testing for Chlamydia

Newby, K., Bailey, J. V., Crutzen, R., Brown, K., Szczepura, A., Hurt, J., Alston, T., Saunders, J., Sadiq, T. & Satyajit, D.


Project: Research

West Midlands Food Policy

Jarvis, D., Berkeley, N., Lambie, H. & Kneafsey, M.


Project: Research

CAMPUS Independent Study Programme

Rito, C., Sternfeld, N., Dyangani Ose, E., Bhambra, G., Gario, Q., Franke, A., Condorelli, C. & Campt, T.

18/10/19 → …

Project: Other

Spaces of community: the growth of the café industry

Ferreira, J.


Project: Internally funded project

Progress Coach

Masud, M.

17/09/18 → …

Project: Consultancy

DBiC-II: Dancing Bodies in Coventry-II

Cisneros, R. K.


Project: Internally funded project

Modest Fashion in UK Women’s Working Life

Aune, K.


Project: Research

Grassroots activism in the English Defence League

Busher, J.


Project: Project at former HEI

Project title: Responses to wartime sexual violence in the DRC

Aroussi, S.


Project: Internally funded project