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IEA HEV-TCP: Task 32, Small Electric Vehicles

Davies, H., Schmid, S. & Vinkx, L.


Project: Research

IAPP UKSA: Delivery of training in Carbon Capture and Storage for industry-oriented projects

Shariatipour, S., Titinchi, S., Surridge, T., Tasianas, A., Mackay, E., Eke, P. & Muljadi, B.


Project: Research

Modest Fashion in UK Women’s Working Life

Aune, K.


Project: Research

Identificación y Análisis De Las Estrategias Metadiscursivas En Artículos Científicos En Español E Ingles. Project: FFI2016-77941-P

Carrio Pastor, M. L., Orasan , C., Curry, N., Bellés Fortuño, B. & Esther Sánchez Cuervo, M.


Project: Research

Gender and resistance to violent extremism: Untold stories of everyday resistance to violent extremism in Kenya

Aroussi, S., Azmiya Badurdeen, F., Jakala, M. & Verhoest, X.


Project: Research

Urban Village: The Roma’s Allotment Project

Cisneros, R. K.


Project: Internally funded project

Underpinning Power Electronics 2017

Lophitis, N.


Project: Research

DBiC-II: Dancing Bodies in Coventry-II

Cisneros, R. K.


Project: Internally funded project

DBiC-II: Dancing Bodies in Coventry-II

Cisneros, R. K.


Project: Internally funded project

EduHack: Hacking Education by improving open e-learning teachers' competences

Wimpenny, K., Plazio, M., Villar-Onrubia, D., Nascimbeni, F., Morini, L. & Burgos, D.


Project: Research

Linguistic challenges of the transition from primary to secondary school

Deignan, A., Chambers, G., Inglis, M., Semino, E., Brezina, V., Oxley, F., Love, R., Leung, C., Jones, M., Çandarli, D. & Curry, N.


Project: Project at former HEI

Cooking Connections Coventry: Home-based Sensory Food Experiences for Wellbeing

O'Sullivan, E., Meehan, E. & Tosun, N. C.


Project: Internally funded project

Advanced GaN Hall Sensors

Faramehr, S.


Project: Other

JOVITAL: Jordan Opportunity for Virtual Innovative Teaching And Learning

Wimpenny, K., Tawileh, W., Adefila, A., Stefanelli, C., DeWinter, A. & Trunk, N.


Project: Research

Ethnic minorities' reactions to newcomers

Wessendorf, S.


Project: Research

MFM: Midlands Future Mobility - UK Central CAV Testbed

Parkes, A., Ekambaram, K. & Birrell, S.


Project: Research