Temple University Institute of Dance Scholarship, Scholar in Residence, Spring 2018

    Prize: National/international honour


    I will work closely with Dr Karen Bond at Temple in order to deepen my interrogation of the epistemic terrain for artists who are working in and around the academy. Dr Bond's work in phenomenology and the lived experience intersects with my thinking (and practice) that tends towards an implied – or implicit – phenomenological stance. I imagine my concerns – and Dr Bond's interventions and conversations – would make an ideal contribution to her "Experience, Engagement & Multi-sensory Inquiry" class, and the ways in which the class challenges students to consider the body as a site for generating understanding. In many respects I see Dr. Bond as both a likely and unlikely fit: an opportunity to produce friction and potential for playfulness in how we might hone in on epistemic sensitivity from the perspectives of the phenomenologist and the artist.
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Granting OrganisationsTemple University