Nominated for Research Team Prize Award

  • Beech, Rebecca (Recipient), Lazell, Jordon (Recipient), Solon Magrizos (Recipient), Natalie Dukes (Recipient), Carmela Bosangit (Recipient) & Marylyn Carrigan (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


In April 2017, the research project 'Sustainable Food Tourism in St Ives ' Project led by Professor Marylyn Carrigan at the Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University, was nominated. I was a research assistant on the project from June 2016 to November 2016. My role entailed working closely with the team, attending meetings and contributing ideas to discussions about the project. Alongside a PhD colleague, we created a report on the project’s key findings for the purpose of disseminating with small business holders and the St Ives community.
Degree of recognitionLocal
Granting OrganisationsCoventry University, United Kingdom