Rosa Rogers Postlethwaite

Rosa Rogers Postlethwaite

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    Rosa Postlethwaite is currently a PhD researcher on the Mobilizing Dramaturgy Co-tutelle Programme within Coventry University's Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) and Aarhus University. She is also a performance artist, dramaturg and producer. Rosa's research is focused on dramatugy with other-than-human species. She holds an MA in Theatre & Performance from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and a BA in Drama from Queen Mary University of London, UK. 

    Research Interests

    dramaturgy; practice as research; multi-species performance; live art; posthumanism

    PhD Project

    This practice as research PhD, ‘Dramaturgy with other-than-human species’, will consist of live art projects that explore dramaturgy practice with fungi and plants and a written thesis explicating this research. The initial research questions for the PhD are: How does doing dramaturgy with other-than-human subjects activate thinking about the Anthropocene? How does doing dramaturgy with other-than-human subjects radically change my practice? And how do artists and dramaturgs negotiate the ethical problems with working with other-than-human subjects while they aim to confront inequalities relating to the Anthropocene?


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