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    Dr. Mustafa Ali is a lecturer in structural engineering and materials at Coventry University. He holds a BSc. In Civil engineering, MSc in Civil and Structural engineering from Glamorgan University and PhD on the Influence of Heat Curing on Self- Healing and Strength Enhancement of Geopolymer Based Structural Concrete. He obtained his PhD in 2015 from South Wales University-UK.

    Dr Ali has over 19 years of experience in construction level in both as a Contractor and a Consultant organizations leading, supervising, monitoring, reviewing and performing design. Successfully managed and delivered projects within the both in UK and overseas. He is a fellow in higher education academy with over five years’ of experience in academia. Dr Ali’s current research focuses on identifying innovative solutions to concrete structures through the use of smart construction materials and self-healing processes.  

    Research Interests

    1. Design and development of sustainable construction materials using waste and industrial by products.
    2. Design, Development and applications of smart construction materials.
    3. Development and application of geopolymer binder in construction.
    4. Novel cementitious materials, Automatic repairs and self healing.
    5. Durability of cementitious materials.
    6. Applications of composite materials FRP in structural members.
    7. Behaviour of steel/FRP reinforced concrete members at elevated temperature


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