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    I am currently a Phd researcher at CAWR working on the Co-innovation of Caribbean Agroecological Transitions (CiCAT) project. I am attempting to tell stories about, map, and co-design, agroecological transformations of Caribbean food systems, to provide agroecological farmers with support in their endevours to dismantle the oppresive nature of colonial states and colonial food systems.

    Beyond that, my work looks to highlight the radical imagination of movements which seek to strengthen autonomy, transition landscapes and unravel the power structures which degrade their territories, especially peasant movements and small-holder agroecological farmers resisting colonial food systems and growing alternatives in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. I use methods such as participatory mapping, photo-voice and militant ethnography to create audio-visual outputs that are movement-relevant and accessible.

    Raíces de Soberanía is a self-funded research project which is the culmination of my research outputs, it is a process of personal growth and extensive learning. The goal is to create research outputs that can promote knowledge sharing between peasant farmers, researchers and activists from different global contexts. 

    The Zine explores how the traditional root crops of the Caribbean have inspired the Agroecology movement in Puerto Rico's vision and imagination of the past, present and future of Food sovereignty on the Island after Hurricane Maria. 

    My Thesis at Wageningen University compared the Puerto Rican experience of disaster which the Dutch context of Covid-19. 

    In my youth I also founded and direct Casa Congo, an NGO on the pacific coast of Nicaragua which looks to support women's collectives and farmers grow food sovereignty in the region through mutual aid and other collective practices. 


    • HX Socialism. Communism. Anarchism
    • S Agriculture (General)
    • F1201 Latin America (General)
    • G Geography (General)


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