Jaimz Stuart Winter

Jaimz Stuart Winter


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    PhD Project

    Privacy By Design For Games Development

    17/01/22 → present

    Supervised by: 

    Professor Sylvester Arnab - Director of Study

    Dr Will Blewitt  - Second supervisor

    Dr Petros Lameras - Third supervisor


    Professional Research Experience:

    I was a Research Assistant on the EU Horizon2020 funded Citizen Scientists Investigating Cookies and App GDPR compliance (CSI-COP) Project. https://csi-cop.eu/ https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/873169

    The CSI-COP project investigated GDPR compliance to better understand how far we are tracked-by-default as we use the internet, visiting websites and apps on our mobile devices. CSI-COP engaged citizen scientists to address the growing concerns in society around privacy issues, and the methods that attempt to ensure integrity in the collection and use of data. My role within the project as a research assistant was to support with research and practical work laid out in various project work packages.

    12/10/20 → 31/9/2023

    Line Manager: 

    Dr Huma Shah


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