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    Intensive experiences of the Power train development / business in Automotive / Motorsport industry, 34 years in UK, USA and Japan worked in High Performance Engine development for Motorsport in both track side and Engine Dyno testing. Gained a wide range of engineering skills from engine design, AC motor transient dyno testing, vehicle dynamic testing at track, ECU calibration in high standard OE quality which covers Racing engines (F1, F3, Le Mans, WRC, WTCC, etc) and OE high performance road cars (Mitsubishi EVO10, Honda Type-R, etc) engine development work and also established customer engine supply businesses in worldwide market.

    Also as a Company director, established a high profile motorsport engine company in the UK and managed day by day business as a solo Company Director covering Not only Engineering activities but also Project management, customer legal contract, financial management and succeeded the managing director role for 10 years. Notable project in 2013, had managed to establishHONDA F1 engine factory in the city of Milton Keyens, UK that was built from scratch and installed world class F1 spec AC motor transient dyno test cells with the highest accuracy CAHU (Combustion Air Humidity Unit) system. The construction was completed in 11 months short periods under excessive time pressure in the motorsport would. In order to transfer intensive motorsport industry knowledges to next generetion engineers, have started teaching the motorsport powertrain engineering in the Coventry university since 2018.

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