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No photo of Rjaa Jawad Ashraf

Rjaa Jawad Ashraf

Person: Other, Doctorate Student

Photo of Aaron Cooper

Aaron Cooper

Person: Teaching and Research

No photo of Nicky Walker

Nicky Walker

  • School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health - 2000DT HLS HPL (7), 1004DT HLS HPL (7), 7066SOH HLS HPL (7), 2003DT HLS HPL (7), 315DT HLS HPL (7), 301CC HLS HPL (7), 1001DT HLS HPL (7), 1003DT HLS HPL (7), 3001DT HLS HPL (7)

Person: Teaching

No photo of Socrates Karidis

Socrates Karidis

Person: Teaching and Research

No photo of Julie Haworth

Julie Haworth

Person: Other

No photo of Darshi Piyathilake
Photo of Qazi Awais Amin
No photo of Karen Hunt
No photo of Mahmoud Jeidani
No photo of Aimee Yarrington

Aimee Yarrington

Person: Other

No photo of Kate Barnett-Richards

Kate Barnett-Richards

Person: Teaching and Research

No photo of Dami Agbato

Dami Agbato

Person: Teaching and Research

Photo of Nigel Walton

Nigel Walton

Person: Teaching and Research

No photo of Tom Fisher

Tom Fisher

Person: Doctorate Student, Teaching and Research

Photo of Alexis Wilson

Alexis Wilson

Person: Teaching and Research